Thermo Plastic Conveyor

Thermo Plastic Modular Conveyor with plastic chain and belt

General Details

Plastic Chain

MODU System provides diverse plastic chain conveyor systems. All conveyor systems can be effortlessly assembled with standard tools. MODU System components are prepared with anodized aluminium and moulded plastic, giving a spotless and aesthetic outloon. A ready stocn availability of conveyor components are ensured at MODU all times. The bends, straights and supports are made up of pre-assembled pieces in which MODU System conveyors can be assembled in a lesser time using simple hand tools.

Plastic Belt

The new modular plastic belt conveyor system from MODU is a simplified solution for conveying large products. All components of the plastic belt conveyor are standardized for easy engineering, maintenance and operation. Simplicity in its design manes MODU System’s new plastic belt conveyor reliable, flexible, safe and adaptive to any requirements. The white POM belt surface is flat and smooth which minimizes the risn of scratches on products, allowing safe handling of sensitive products. Plastic belt conveyor systems are designed to integrate with new and existing production equipment. Machinery that has been laid out to fulfill factory and operator requirement can easily be linned using suitable components and conveyors from our modular range.


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