Elevating & Lowerating Solution

Elevating & Lowerating Solution - with Gripper Conveyor System, Friction / Cleated Coanveyor and Spiral Conveyor.

General Details


Gripper Conveyor System

A gripper conveyor is a system that utilizes two sets of conveyors set up in a gripping format to move a product from a lower elevation to an upper elevation or vice versa, with the benefit of taking up less floor space. It grips the product in a firm but gentle manner before releasing it onto another conveyor. It is an ideal assembly for high-speed production or packaging line.

Elevator / Lowerator

MODU’s Elevator/Lowerator is designed with high speed, payload and capacity, mainly to convey cases, bags and trays. It takes up less floor space in case/carton palletizing lines, warehousing, or work-in-progress storage applications by transferring products to an overhead conveyor section. Thus, creating aisleways, clearance for forklifts and transfer products between floors.

Friction and Cleated Conveyor

Friction and cleated conveyor are a cost-effective and straightforward way to bring a product from one level to another. When elevating the production flow, you reclaim valuable floor space, enabling you to add more production capacity and increase accessibility. Refined design and standardized interfaces to the upstream and downstream equipment make the solution efficient and accommodating various products.

Spiral Conveyor

Simplicity in MODU’s Spiral conveyor design makes the system reliable, flexible, safe and trouble-free in operation. MODU’s development in maintenance and installation areas includes an automatic lubrication system (ALS) and tension adjustment.


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