Huawei Data Center Facility

Huawei adheres to the “modular + intelligent” design concept and reshapes the architecture of cooling, O&M, and power supply to build next-generation low-carbon data centers. With an extensive range of products, including prefabricated modular data center solutions, core components ranging from power supply, cooling to DCIM. Fulfilling the digital transformation of diverse business from telecom , ISP to finance transportation and manufacturing, guaranteeing the ultimate performance in all scenarios.

Smart Modular DC

The Smart Modular DC solution is designed for the indoor scenarios, which has advantage of fast deployment and friendly to the field environment. The iPower, iCooling, iManager are used to build intelligent core subsystems to improve the reliability and efficiency of the power system and cooling systems.

Smart Power Supply

Huawei’s Smart Power Supply solution includes UPS, SmartLi, and powerpod. Leverage the concept of using bits to manage the watts and AI technologies for predictive maintenance to ease the O & M process, Huawei provides reliable and green power supply solutions for data centers and critical power scenario.

Smart Cooling

Huawei’s Smart Cooling solution includes indirect evaporative cooling, air cooling, and chilled water. Leverage the concept of using bits to manage heats, and through innovation in architecture and core components, Huawei utilizes natural cooling sources efficiently to provide reliable and green cooling solutions for data centers.

Smart DC Management System

Huawei Smart DC Management System includes on-premise version, cloud version, and the iCooling@AI energy efficiency optimization solution. By using AI and Big Data technologies, Huawei Data Center Management solution provide unified management, efficient O&M, and AI energy saving optimization capabilities for data centers.

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