Modular Conveyor


MODU has made significant progress in the conveyor business, surging ahead of its competitors to provide a one-stop modular conveyor system. A proven track record further accentuates this in the international business arena, widespread acceptance and recognition of its superior product, innovative design and professional service.

Thermoplastic Conveyor

The new modular plastic belt conveyor system from MODU is a simplified solution for conveying large products. All components of the plastic belt conveyor are standardized for easy engineering, maintenance and operation. Simplicity in its design makes MODU System’s new plastic belt conveyor reliable, flexible, safe and adaptive to any requirements.

Accumulation Conveyor

There are 3 types of accumulation conveyor – Table Accumulation, S-Accumulation and Alpine Accumuation. The accumulation conveyor stores products to generate mass buffering to accommodate other processes with a large storage capacity.

Elevating & Lowerating Conveyor

MODU Elevating and Lowerating solution is design specifically to elevate products, lower products, or buffer products. Our four different configurations are : Gripper Conveyor, Elevator/Lowerator, Friction and Cleated Conveyor, and Spiral Conveyor.

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