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This is a our list of products. Use this catalog to browse them. Use the enquiry tab function in each product page if you have any enquiry – we will get bak to you soon.

GOF Connector

Fibre optic connector for connector assemblies in production or laboratory environment

Data Center Infrastructure Management System iManager NetEco6000

NetEco6000 is a local smart management system for data center infrastructure.

HITRONIC HVW Armoured Outdoor Cable

An outdoor cable with corrugated steel tape armour, stranded loose tube and non-metalic strain relief.

Huawei UPS2000-G

The UPS2000-G is a power supply solution for micro data centers and critical power supply scenarios.

WHEEL POWER Calcium Chassis Grease

WHEEL POWER Calcium Chassis Grease Has outstanding water resistance, and is able to stick to metal surfaces well, so that the lubricated parts become durable

GOF DUPLEX Patchcord

Glass Fibre Optic for indoor use, LAN connection, data centers and distributor cabinet.

Huawei FusionDC1000C

FusionDC1000C is a prefabricated modular DC solution for setting up DC without building.


A optical outdoor cables designed for installation by air-blowing systems

Huawei UPS5000-H

The UPS5000-H (200-1600kVA) is Huawei's high-density and high-efficiency modular UPS.