Huawei FusionCol8000-E

FusionCol8000-E is an indirect evaporative cooling solution for large data centers.

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General Details

FusionCol8000-E is an indirect evaporative cooling solution for large data centers. It features an integrated design and reduces the PUE. FusionCol8000-E helps data centers consume less energy by using free cooling technology. It is prefabricated and integrated with a direct expansion cooling system, making it easy to transport and fast to install. The solution helps build simple, green, smart, and reliable data centers.


  • ISP
  • Carrier IDC
  • Cloud data center



  • Integrated all-in-one system. Optional components includes dehumidifier, humidifier, shutoff and fire extinguishing damper, saving 50% TTM.
  • Integrated cooling-power architecture, reducing footprint by removal of UPS.
  • Modular fan driver module, maintained in one minutes.


  • High efficiency air-air heat exchanger and spray system for optimized free cooling.
  • CLF≤0.15@Shenzhen, China
  • 8% high efficiency EC fan
  • 3% higher GUE by modulating peak power with lithium battery system.
  • 0 power consumption wet film humidifier.


  • Automatic fault diagnosis in 15 minutes.
  • iCooling optimization technology helps to reduce CLF by accurate response to IT load.
  • Optional image and noise recognition, helping remote and fast O&M.


  • Dual power supply. No compressor restart and 0 temperature fluctuation during power swith.
  • THDi<5%
  • Spray water pipe equipped with ultraviolet sterilization, sterilization rate up to 99.99%
  • Indoor air is completely isolated from out door free cooling sources, preventing affecting indoor environment.
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