Huawei FusionDC1000C

FusionDC1000C is a prefabricated modular DC solution for setting up DC without building.

General Details

FusionDC1000C is a prefabricated modular DC solution for setting up DC without building. The solution can be applied to Carrier Colo DC, Headquarter EDC, Cloud DC, AI computing center, etc. It halves the time-to-market (TTM). It integrates smart cooling and power solution with AI technologies to improve PUE and help customer build green, simple, smart and reliable DC.

Application Scenarios :

  • Public cloud, large colocation data centers, and ultra-large Internet service data centers.
  • Medium- and large-sized data centers of enterprises or governments.
  • AI computing and HPC

Features & Value :


  • Pre-integration and pre-test of devices in the factory, synchronous basic civil work and module factory production, reducing TTM by 50%① .
  • Modularized components, modularized functions, and PODs②, on demand deployment, and phased capacity expansion.
  • “one layer, one DC ”, vertical capacity expansion, and on-demand deployment.


  • Indirect evaporative cooling maximizes the use of natural cooling sources and reduces the PUE.
  • Optional smart fan wall cooling technology and high-temperature chilled water , 50% improvement in cooling efficiency.
  • Green building, no dust and noise on the construction site, and less construction waste.


  • AI-based intelligent optimization continuously reduces data center energy consumption.
  • Use smart sensors and big data analysis to precisely manage available resources and tenant information, maximizing the value of data center resources.


  • The prefabricated data center complies with the TIA 942 standard.
  • Huawei iPower technology implements full-link monitoring of power supply and distribution and core components fault prediction to ensure uninterrupted operation.
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